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London’s first 100% mobile fish veterinary clinic, providing professional veterinary health care for fish and aquatic animals in the Greater London area.


  • Pond/tank side consultations
  • Telephone consultations*
  • Full panel water quality analysis
  • Parasite screening
  • Prescription of veterinary medicines
  • Sedation and Anaesthesia for clinical and surgical procedures
  • Diagnostic imaging (Ultrasonography)
  • Post mortem examinations
  • Bacterial testing
    – Microbial Water Analysis
    – Culture and Sensitivity
  • Viral testing
    KHV and CEV PCR
  • Collection for histopathology
  • Diagnostic consultancy for koi dealers/wholesalers
  • Biosecurity & preventative health care consultancy

Price List – Tanks.

General Health Check (no signs of disease)
£125/hour (1 hr min) + Mileage
Average consult time is 1 hour

Sick Fish Check
£130/hour (1 hr min) +/- Medications + Mileage
Average consult time is 1-2 hours

Pre Surgery Assessment
£125/hour (1 hr min) + Mileage
Average consult time is 1 hour


General Health Check (no signs of disease)
£150/hour (1 hr min) + Mileage
Average consult time is 1 – 1.5 hours

Sick Fish consult
£150/hour (1 hr min) +/- medications + mileage
Average consult time is 1.5 – 2.5 hours

Every consultation includes thorough water quality analysis; Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, GH, KH, pH, Chlorine, Salinity & temperature. As well as microscopic analysis of skin scrapes and gill tissue for parasites and cytology.

In order to prevent disease transmission, you will need to provide your own nets and bowl/container for the consultation.

In order to secure a consultation, you will be asked to pay a deposit £100 in advance. This will then be deducted from the final bill if/when the consultation goes ahead.

Mileage is charged at 0.45p/mile both ways. For journeys over 1.5 hours an additional travel fee may be applied.

Phone Consultations.

£35/25 minutes
Phone consultations are available for general guidance on fish health and husbandry.
Please note, prescription medications can only be prescribed after physical examination of your fish and cannot be prescribed over the phone.

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Association with The Fish Vet.

London Aquatic Veterinary Services is the newest British division of the well renowned Australian franchise – The Fish Vet, head up and run by Dr Richmond Loh (see details below). The Fish Vet has been running in Australia for over 18 years and is made up of a dedicated team of 7 veterinarians all interested or specialised in fish health and medicine. The Fish Vet covers both Western and Eastern Australia, Singapore and now the UK through LAVS.

This new association allows fish clients in the UK access to international and world-class veterinary care & resources.

Meet the team.

Dr Bryony Chetwynd-Glover BVSc MRCVS CertAqV.
– Director

I graduated from Bristol vet school in July of 2017. Following graduation, I worked in general practice for a year and a half before deciding I wanted to pursue my aspiration of following a career in aquatic animal medicine.

People always ask me ‘why fish!?’
The honest answer is I don’t know… I have always had an interest in fish and aquatic animals right from an early age. At university I decided to combine my veterinary degree with the aquatic world. I started volunteering at Bristol Aquarium as an aquarist and in my 4th year of study, spent 6 weeks at The National Aquarium in Baltimore which was a fantastic experience and really cemented my ambition to work within aquatic animal medicine.
Following graduation, I completed the WAVMA (World Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Association) certificate in aquatic animal health and have completed over 100 hours of aquatic based CPD and education. I am the current secretary for the Fish Veterinary Society and a member of Goldfish Society of Great Britain and I regularly write articles for Practical Fish Keeping.

In April 2019, I opened London Aquatic Veterinary Services and am delighted by the success of the business so far! I have met some fantastic clients and worked with some amazing patients. No matter the cost of your fish, whether it’s a £3 goldfish from an old country fair or a prized variety of koi, I believe all fish deserve veterinary care, irrelevant of its price tag!

Dr Richmond Loh BSc BVMS MANZCVS MPhil, DipPM CertAqV FWAVMA
– Business partner and Director of The Fish Vet

Based in Perth, Western Australia. Richmond is a registered veterinarian and veterinary pathologist. His passion for all things aquatic gave birth to his company,The Fish Vet. Richmond has extensive aquatic experience, for more information about Richmond or The Fish Vet, including his CV and published materials please click here.

Veterinary Professionals

LAVS is happy to assist and advise veterinary professionals with aquatic cases and to take on referrals if needed. Please email for further details.